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Launches Quick Start Implementation Program for Salesforce Sales Cloud

ALISO VIEJO, CA – April 30, 2013: Alternative Technology Solutions Inc. (Alternative) today announces the launch and availability of a new Salesforce service designed to allow mid-market manufacturing companies to rapidly and cost-effectively implement Salesforce CRM from Salesforce.com.

Vivian Keena, President and Chief Executive Officer of Alternative commented on the new service offering, “The needs of manufacturers differ tremendously from the needs of other industries. After working with more than 700 manufacturing customers, in different industries we’ve developed a common approach that fits the core needs of most mid-market manufacturers who are implementing Salesforce. What this means is that instead of coming to an engagement and having to learn both the industry and the business, our consultants already have a manufacturing framework within which they can apply the client’s business-specific requirements. This approach allows us to deliver a faster, more cost-effective implementation and yet still deliver a robust solution.”

Keena continues, ”While our Manufacturing Quick Start for Salesforce provides an accessible and inexpensive way for companies to begin working with Salesforce, it also serves as a foundation upon which our clients can gain additional value from their Salesforce investment. We’re able to build upon this core implementation over time to add customer and/or distributor self-service portals, RMA process support, integration with their ERP system and deliver a mobile-ready web-based quoting. All of which contribute to reducing costs and driving greater productivity to increase revenue. Simply put, we’ve got the experience to be able to help a manufacturer whether they’re just looking get started with Salesforce or are focused on a much broader strategic objective.”

The Manufacturing Quick Start for Salesforce program is available for remote and onsite delivery with packages starting at just $6,000 for 5 days (remote.) The program may be modified based upon client specific requirements and expanded accordingly to meet the needs of larger manufacturing organizations. For more information visit www.alttechpartners.com

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Alternative Technology Solutions is an independent full-service software and consulting provider specializing in delivering on-premise and cloud-based CRM, ERP solutions for the manufacturing industries. Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif., the company also has offices in Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Indianapoli

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