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Created with manufacturers in mind, iQ gaining customers nationwide

May 28, 2014 – Aliso Viejo, CA: Alternative Technology Solutions, a leading ERP and CRM service and solution provider for manufacturers and distributors and an Inc. 500 fastest-growing company, today announced that its iQ Configure Price Quote (CPQ) application is finding success in the manufacturing and distribution industries.

Released in June 2013 and available on the Salesforce AppExchange, iQ is a CPQ solution specifically designed for manufacturers and distributors, enabling a smarter, faster, more social quoting process. “iQ gives manufacturers a better, easier way to quote in the cloud,” said Vivian Keena, Alternative CEO. “Its seamless Salesforce and ERP integration makes it easy for sales reps to create custom quotes quickly and accurately, and it gives business leaders crucial insight into their quoting effectiveness.”

Where other CPQ solutions offer the ability to quote various forms of a product, iQ goes further to offer manufacturers the flexibility to truly create a custom quote for the customer. “We use iQ to create every single quote we send,” said Trent Romer, VP of Sales at Clear View Bag (www.ClearViewBag.com). “We do nothing but quote custom orders and iQ’s ability to help us send highly professional quotes, as well as collect data on every quote, is extremely important to Clear View Bag’s growth strategy. We sent over 4,000 quotes out of iQ in our first four months and couldn’t be happier with its capabilities.”

iQ’s robust features work for more than manufacturers and distributors. “We find that companies outside of the manufacturing sector are also drawn to iQ given its rich toolset and quoting capabilities,” said Donna Barnett, Alternative’s Chief Technology Officer. “The intuitive interface, integration to both Salesforce and a client’s ERP platform, real-time reports and dashboards, and ability to replicate internal approval processes on a social platform makes it a great solution for anyone with complex quoting needs.”

The latest release of iQ is generally available as of April 2014. For more information about Alternative Technology Solutions’ iQ application, visit www.alttechpartners.com/iq.

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