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At Alternative, we understand how critical education and training are to maximizing your technology investments. Our training classes are designed to empower users with the knowledge and tools they need in an intimate and engaging setting. Whether you visit us at a training session in one of our nationwide classrooms or we come to you, University of Alternative classes will help you find real solutions to your everyday challenges.

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Salesforce Admin Bootcamp

If Salesforce.com is new to your organization, you have named a new Administrator, or you are ready to enable new Salesforce features, Alternative Technology has a class for you. Our tailored Admin Bootcamp options include: basic administration, user interface, security, leads, marketing with Salesforce, Outlook integration, data processing, approval processes, and data integrity.

Salesforce Analytics

Alternative has developed a two-day Salesforce Reports and Dashboard course designed to cover beginning to advance reporting features. Through hands-on experience, learners explore object and field concepts, building reports and dashboards, security, using charts and graphs, and more.

Salesforce End User Training

Our curriculum is customized to help your users understand their business, processes, environment, and culture. End User Training is perfect for “Train the trainer” and end users with options including instructor led onsite training, webinars, and pre-recorded videos. End User Training will cover the basics of Salesforce 101 and Tricks & Tips for better user adoption.

Salesforce Force.com Developer Training

The power of Salesforce is developing customizations on the Force.com platform. We have designed a series of training classes to assist your Developers on learning and deploying using best practices. Course options include Apex Development, Force.com Tools, and Visualforce Development.

Epicor E9 Technical Tools Boot Camp

This three day intense training is designed to give you targeted knowledge of all of the standard tools including: Database concepts, BAQs,Dashboards, BPMs, UI Customizations, Crystal Reports, and System Themes. The course is tailored to introduce new users to system concepts and advanced users have the opportunity to brainstorm and apply learnings. With hands-on learning, users create deliverables throughout the course.

Epicor E9 End User Training

With options for five day onsite training and remote, job-specific training, our E9 end user training combines industry examples with application know-how. This course is ideal for both new implementations or on-boarding of new staff members while validating your processes against best practices in the software and the industry.

Epicor Cycle Counting

Management and control of inventory is critical to both manufacturers and distributors. Cycle counting is an accepted alternative to full physical inventories, and is an effective method to improve or maintain high levels of inventory accuracy. A strong and well-designed cycle count program allows for incremental goal setting and metric tracking using data driven results.

This 2 hour course will take you through the basics of setting up a cycle counting program using standard Epicor 9 cycle count functionality, including:

  • Set-up considerations
    • Assignment of ABC codes
    • Creation of cycle count periods and setting schedules
  • Cycle count processing – standard flow
    • How to review count results and assign reason codes to discrepancies
    • Count variance reconciliation and posting results

Epicor Costing Method Change

Changing the cost basis for inventory is a significant and detailed undertaking. This can be accomplished using tools native to Epicor 9 along with a carefully managed plan. This course will help you with

  • Defining the from/to basis
  • Gaining an understanding of your data
  • Identifying what has to change
  • Considerations and constraints (FIFO? Lot/serial?)
  • Tools needed
  • Design the plan for your specific situation and timing

Approximate course length: 2 hours Specific situation consulting to execute the change will be identified

Epicor Changing your Chart of Accounts

Chart of Accounts structure can be subject to change by a key event in the company:

  • Major version upgrade
  • Corporate growth
    • Adding a new operating unit
    • Adding a product line
  • Parent company dictate

This course addresses planning the change, considerations when defining a new COA, how to deal with GL detail or summary history, and validation of results.

Approximate course length: 90 minutes

Specific situation consulting to execute the change will be identified

EpicorA Day in the Life of a Planner

This 3 hour course will enable the user to perform the basic tasks of planning more effectively

  • MRP Results
  • Job Management

We will focus on the following areas and provide a walk-through of system processes that drive the planning activities:

  • What happened while I was gone?
  • What is currently be worked?
  • What work needs to be planned/started?
  • Do I have materials available?
  • Do I have enough capacity to release job(s)?
  • What job(s) need to be closed out?

There will be a review of standard workbenches, tools, reports and queries that provide status and target escalation actions.

Epicor Pesky Month-End/Year-End Variances

A 90-minute review of variances, how they occur and how to resolve them, plus what needs to change to prevent them from occurring over and over:

  • Where do variances come from?
  • How do we identify them before they’re posted to GL?
  • What corrective actions can we put into place to prevent Variances in the future?
  • When do we implement the Corrective Actions?

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