Tier3 Support | Help Desk Case Handling Process

1. Submit Request

An authorized user may submit a call through the Tier3 Support Customer Portal.

Register Users

To expedite resolution, please include the following information in your request:

2. Confirmation Response

Upon submitting an issue to the help desk, the authorized user will receive a confirmation email stating the case number assigned to the issue. If a help desk issue is submitted by someone not setup as an authorized user, an email confirmation will be sent requesting the users name, title and phone number.

3. Assignment and Resolution

Upon reviewing the case, it will be assigned to an appropriate consultant. The follow up by the consultant will follow the response time guidelines. All cases are created with Priority 4 by default. The Priority will be updated to a higher priority based on the details provided in the request or at the request of the user if more details are provided that fall within the Trouble description below.

Priority Trouble Response Time Start of Remediation Resolution Time
1 System Down/Service Unavailable (all users and functions unavailable) Within 1 Hour Within 1 Hour ASAP
Best Effort
2 Significant degradation of Service (large number of users or business critical functions affected) Within 1 Hour Within 2 Hours ASAP
Best Effort
3 Limited Degradation of service (limited number of users or functions affected, business process can continue) Within 1 Hour Within 4 Hours ASAP
Best Effort
4 Small service degradation or end user support (business process can continue, one user affected) Within 1 Hour Within 1 Business Day ASAP
Best Effort

4. Communication

Communication regarding the Case may be done via telephone or email. In either case, the progress will be documented with the case.

5. Service Requests

If the issue requires a customization, additional training (more than 30 minutes), remote or on-site consulting the request will be made to the appropriate resource for quoting and scheduling and the Case will be closed.

6. Epicor Support

If the issue is determined to be an issue covered by Epicor Maintenance, the case will be reported to Epicor using the client’s Site ID. Alternative will continue to escalate and track these cases when necessary. If there is an Epicor SCR (Software Change Request) associated with the case, the SCR number will be attached to the case for reference and tracking. The Status of the Case will be changed to “Waiting on Vendor” until the resolution is complete by Epicor.

7. Closure

Once the Case is deemed complete by BOTH the consultant and authorized user, the Case will be closed.

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