Salesforce CRM

Alternative Technology Partners provides full implementation consulting for Salesforce CRM. Alternative Technology Partners is a registered partner that services small to mid-sized businesses in a variety of markets. We focus on providing creative and cost conscious solutions in a collaborative environment with you, our customers. CRM stands for customer relationship management and we take each word very seriously.

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Ready, Set, Go!

Get out of the gates with an efficient, focused approach designed for small companies to reach the finish line to achieve the goals of the sales and services teams.

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Day Pass Program

Alternative Technology partners knows that sometimes you just need a little help with your Salesforce CRM. That's why we make getting help easy with our Day Pass program. Similar to your favorite amusement park, you can sign up for a One, Two or Three Day Pass for just $1,500 per day. Sit back and enjoy the ride with Alternative Technology Partners leading the way. Ask about our Season Pass for larger engagements and savings.