Every company looks for ways to better connect and engage with its customers and partners. The Salesforce1 Community Cloud offers a platform that can be customized to create a personalized, connected, mobile community where partners, customers, and employees can connect and collaborate. Alternative’s Salesforce experts have vast experience designing and implementing highly customized Communities for clients.

BioTek, a medical device manufacturer, needed a solution to replace its previous three documentation sites that housed documents, files, and portals for both internal and external users. They wanted to enable collaboration between employees, distributors, and partners, as well as provide a seamless way to interact and share resources and knowledge.

Using the Salesforce1 Community Cloud, Alternative’s team of Salesforce experts created an easy-to-use solution that met BiotTek’s needs and matched its branding. Because of the device-responsiveness of Community Cloud, BioTek’s community has mobile functionality so that collaboration, documents, and information are accessible anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Whether you want to create a place for better collaboration or are looking for a better way to keep thousands of documents, files, and sales and marketing resources organized and accessible to partners, distributors, and employees, Alternative’s extensive manufacturing knowledge, expertise, and insight can help you design and implement a highly customized Salesforce Community Cloud to meet all your business needs. Contact us to learn more. 

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